Dekmantel Selectors | Soft Break & Nala Brown

Soft Break & Nala Brown

Day Program

Soft Break
Representing the Rotterdam-based Ampfeminine collective – just like her club colleague and Selectors partner Nala Brown – Soft Break is bent on adding a variety of colour behind the decks. Her early encounters with her hometown’s drum and bass, jungle, breakbeat, hiphop and grime scene has resulted in eclectic sets. More than a DJ, Soft Break likes to experiment with the concept of collective consciousness through design, film, music and performance. While that might sound a little abstract in words, it all makes perfect sense when she drops her blissful beats.

Nala Brown
She has previously compared her sound to the dreadfully Dutch ‘kapsalon’ dish; smooth and crisp, yet extremely tangy. Translated to music, that means: tightly mixed techno tracks, lots of taste, sharp and often broken drum patterns, melodic basslines… maybe a dose of Nicki Minaj, if you’re lucky. Nala Brown embodies that night out where you utterly lose your way, yet all things blissfully fall in place. Be sure to get to know her (as well as the Ampfeminine collective that she's proudly part of).