Dekmantel Selectors | Sassy J & Ron Morelli

Sassy J & Ron Morelli

Day Program

To many, Sassy J talents have spread far beyond her native Switzerland over the years. By now a regular guest at Dekmantel events, Sassy J's mixing style is infused with a genuine musicality and unapologetically soulful nature that renders her sets as charming as they are honest in their appreciation for music of all stripes. Seemingly boundless and thoughtfully hand-crafted, a Sassy J dancefloor is something we just keep wanting to come back to.Selectors 2022 she will be sharing this dancefloor with Ron Morelli; founding father of the paradigmatic L.I.E.S. record label. DJing he’s just as unafraid as releasing music, which has made him into a much appreciated figure of the electronic underground. This New Yorker leans towards the edgier, weirder, and more lofi textures, but he consistently leaves some space for some upbeat drums or an optimistic bassline.