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Dekmantel Selectors Podcast

The Dekmantel Selectors podcast series has become a tradition. Each year, we ask a few artists from the line-up to deliver a mix in anticipation of the new edition, inviting them to dig deep in their unique collections and create a themed mix focusing on a specific period of time or a certain mood.

Recordings Dekmantel Selectors 2021

After the preceding period of stillness, the catharsis and pure joy of finally being together again has been overwhelming. We will never forget all the magical moments and tingling sensations that the past edition has left us with. And while you simply had to have been there for all of it, we believe that we can offer you a snapshot into Dekmantel Selectors 2021 by reliving its sounds and memories – there are plenty of sets to indulge in.

Dekmantel Selectors playlist

As we're setting sail for Dekmantel Selectors 2022, we'll be showcasing a selection of playlists curated by the organizations and crew that take on our boat parties next year. The last one is of Patta, with tempting tracks by the artists from their boat.