Dekmantel Selectors: Small Scale Serenity

Size matters. The capacity for our Croatian getaway, Selectors, is a mere 2000 or so. From the moment you arrive at the leafy site of The Garden in Tisno, that intimacy leaps out. The path that rolls from the entrance, winding past three stages down toward the blindingly-bright beach jetty is a five-minute stroll, max. There’s room everywhere to swim, sway and brown your shoulders. Those open air stages give you endless Vitamin D by day, with buoyant crowds keeping the heat up by night, complimented by top-tier names who share the program with talented residents of the world’s best radio stations, record stores and clubs. No matter their status, everyone who appears at Selectors has (literally) earned their moment in the sun.

Keeping the vibe pure stays in mind throughout. Raised stages have been brought down to ground level. The infamous off-site Barbarella’s club brings a starry night sky into the palm of your hand, with DJs often going the course from dusk ’til dawn. No-one gets a Fast Track pass to fun just because they happen to be spinning some records. Alongside the killer music, parties on the waves and propping up the wine bar, the heart of Selectors is an open, unhurried and easy-going atmosphere. Consider it a one-week thank you to everybody who makes the music landscape around us so exciting all year round. And that means everybody.